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"This is a mod that adds items to your minecraft world (obviously). Many items may not make sense in any grammatical, logical, physical or chemical way. Textures were made creatively and may not look as the name would imply."

The EAC mod mainly focuses on items and subjects that have to do with EAC(Enders' Aerial Cast) or subjects we are mainly interested in. We are open to suggestions. This is also an open, free to use community project made to entertain. See Eac Mod:Copyrights for more info.

The EAC mod is mainly a simple mod as of the time this has been written and will be a mostly linear mod. These cases might change in the near future.

One final piece of information: this mod is not made by professional coders/artists nor full adults(13 and 15 years old, high level secondary education.). We do not have much free time and are not independent. We do try hard to make the mod entertaining and useful for anyone. Consult us on the website or on teamspeak(ts3.the-eac.nl) for more info. In some cases EAC might be open for members to join, but do not look forward to be immediately involved when such occurrences happen.

--Firecai2 18:34, 11 October 2014 (CEST)