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This mod has nothing to do with any other EAC named companies, and is not used as merchandise. Please see Eac Mod:Copyrights for Copyright info.

This mod is not in co-operation with Industrialcraft2 and we do not own the copyrights for that mod. We do not wish to promote that mod, we only wish to use it for convenience. If the mod owners wish to claim that we are abusing their content we are open to remove the integration. We do not wish for requests about personal use in modpacks or even personal use that is posted on social networks, feel free to go ahead! Using in public modpacks is not recommended due to the instability, incompatibility and incompleteness, but it is allowed.

We do not wish to translate our mod to other languages than English and Dutch but it might occur in cases where we have extra time.

Many items may not make sense in any grammatical, logical, physical or chemical way. Textures were made creatively and may not look as the name of the item would imply.

Do not look forward to regular updates or usage of every suggestion.

--Firecai2 (talk) 18:12, 11 October 2014 (CEST). EACĀ©.