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This mod requires industrialcraft-2-2.2.589-experimental and forge 1.7.10- or newer to run. This is an open, free to use community project made to entertain. Do not look forward to regular updates or usage of every suggestion. --Firecai2 17:54, 11 October 2014 (CEST). EACĀ©


The Air material

The Air material is some kind of dusty material that fell from the sky in an aerial battle far out in space. It was brought to earth with the exact same meteorite that exterminated all dinosaurs. If this material is combined with, strangely enough, feathers, it forms a very unstable Chemical compound which can be stabilized by bringing it to high temperatures. This forms a strong material which founders called "Air"

Air Ore can be found on y levels 0-16, is more rare than diamond and needs an iron pickaxe to be mined. When mined, it drops a single Air Ore. No experience is gained for mining. To recieve some Air Dust you must put a piece of ore into a macerator (In future versions this may change to other/multiple machines). You will get 2 pieces of air dust from that.

To use this dust first you must activate it using a single feather per dust as shown in the image to the right. (In future versions this will be done in a tile entity). Alternatively, if you have more Air Dust you can make a Block of Active Air Dust(9 Active Air Dust) using one Block of Air Dust (crafted with 9 Air Dust) and surrounding it by 8 feathers.

Then, to obtain useful material, smelting active dust -one by one- is required to obtain a single "Air Ingot", which can be crafted into a "Block of the 9 Air Ingots".


The tools' stats: mining speed 12, durability 1600, mining level 3(Obsidian/Shadow). The enchant-ability 13(basically high enough to guarantee efficiency I or better at lvl1+ enchants). An Air sword adds +7 attack damage.

Here are some basic crafting recipe's:

Shaped-Air Axe.gif Shaped-Air shovel.gif Shaped-Air Sword.gif

The Shadow material

The shadow Material is a hard material from the underworld told to be taken from black holes by demons of dark magic, to be literally blown out of them by supernova's and spread very widely to make sure it could not be stolen from them as long as they lived. Unfortunately for them; they went extinct.

Shadow Ore Can be found in The Nether at y levels 1-128. It is much more rare than nether quartz and requires an Air Pickaxe(Or a diamond pickaxe) When mined, it drops a single Shadow Ore. Once again, no experience is gained for mining. To recieve Shadow Dust you must macerate it into Crushed Shadow Ore, wash it to make Purified Crushed Shadow Ore and then put it into a thermal centrifuge to get 2 Shadow Dust. In future versions byproducts may be included.


Enderperlite is a very strong material which is guarded by ender guardians. It was created when the pesky endermen took perlite form the human world into the world of minecraft and then into the end. When the enderdragon was angered, multiple endermen were killed, and their ender pearls and ender-blood fused with the perlite to from a magnificently strong material which, through evolution, fused into the bodies of the endermen to form ender guardians.

Enderpe(a)rlite can be recieved by killing Ender Guardians. Ender Guardians (Should) only spawn in The End. Using 4 Enderperlite (item) you can make 2 Blocks of Enderperlite. Ender guardians currently act just like normal endermen, but have a different texture. This will change in the future.

This material (including corresponding tools (and maybe armour)) is planned to be implemented in the Eac mod V1.4.